Who we are

Everyone has a story

Facts don’t give us meaning. Our lives gain essence when we tell our story. And Incom Leone has a lot to tell!

The courage to take

the first enthusiastic step

Today Incom Leone is big. Every day Incom Leone produces and ship more than 2,5 million pieces of delicious ice cream. You can choose from a portfolio of over 1000 different products. But at the beginning … there was a man who adored ice cream and fell in love with the fascinating wonderland of flavours.

Acknowledged champions of

most creative ice cream

Remember the best ice cream you’ve ever had? Could be ours.

If you are looking for something refreshing to enjoy at any time of the day, something delicious, a moment of pleasure: ice cream has always been a popular choice for gourmands and food lovers. Incom Leone produces most breathlessly exciting ice creams that taste like happiness.

Would you like to see behind the scenes? You’re welcome.

There's no coincidence. Our ice cream is made of high quality and selected ingredients, recipes prepared with love, creative minds and innovative technologies. The magic happens when making a positive impact on the lives of our customers, our partners and our team.

Global presence & influence

Incom Leone is located in Ajdovščina, Slovenia and exports to more than 39 countries around the world.
Do you want us to ship to you too?

Our vision

is sweet

We wish to inspire people around the globe with the most innovative ice cream, to promote creative, great-tasting, outstanding products and spread the power of optimism.

Our mission is to create your consumer’s favourite ice cream. Carefully monitoring markets and trends grants us to create fascinating products that will stand out on the shelves. It’s the unexpected that changes our lives.

Respecting our


Being one of the most significant ice cream manufacturers in the region allows us to make a difference.

70-80% of cardboard packaging made from recycled paper fibers
One of the first in the industry who started to thin the walls of plastic packaging
Production based on recyclable materials and 100% recycled PET material
Our water towers are supplied with reused water



Boštjan Jerončič - CEO

Since 2014, Boštjan Jerončič as CEO and a member of the Management Board continue to translate our vision into reality. People want to be a part of something bigger.

Andrej Slokar - Founder and owner

Established in 1991 by a visionary having the courage to become No.1 in ice cream production. Andrej Slokar founded the company to make his dreams come true. He was always leading change and sharing vision. Having faith.