Privacy Policy

How do you use my data?

We use data so we can make our content better for everyone. That is doing things that include:

  • Notifying you about new interesting things we are working on, like new ice cream releases, new business operations, and other things.

  • Recommending you more relevant content our company is providing to create better-added value.

  • Recommendation of products we think would suit your needs.

  • Personalizing some parts of our communication to your tastes, including emails, website content,  presentations, and other communications.

  • Improving our products and services according to your individual needs.

  • Improving our digital communication on Incom Leone’s website, blog, social media, and other services.

We also use data for business purposes like stepping in touch with you if you showed interest in our offering, dealing with any of your requests, and informing you if we need to tell you something, like when we change our policies.

How long is my data kept?

We keep your data only for as long as necessary to provide you the services you are using.

Can I delete my data?

You can delete your Incom Leone account whenever you like.

It will erase all personal information we have about you in your account. And any data about how you have used Incom Leone will be made anonymous. Deleting your Incom Leone account will not delete any data you provided when you subscribed to Incom Leone newsletters and other promotional services, you can unsubscribe from those services at the bottom of promotional content for example unsubscribe button in the email.

Do you share my data with other organizations?

We only keep your data for the purposes of promoting services and products and enhance the quality of your experience.

That means we only share it when you give us your permission and/or to provide you the services you have requested. Meaning, we use special companies that are performing services for us, like sending email promotions.

We might include other brands in promotional activities to enhance your user experience, but data is kept securely in our own or our contracted companies’ possession that performs marketing services for us.

When we do share data outside the Incom Leone?

We will share it in a safe and secure way and will not allow other companies to use it for the promotion of exclusively their own content but only in co-branding with Incom Leone and its sub-brands. In case of any legal purposes.

Privacy statement

We are committed to improving our services so they better benefit you our users, partners, and customers. We can provide you more of what you like when we understand you better. In that pursuit, we use your data to make your experience better.

We are doing that in two ways:

  • Personalization of Incom Leone experience

The data is helping us with the following tasks. Recommending you things we think you or your company is interested in. Showing you relevant content according to your demography or company preferences. Making sure we provide you things that are appropriate for you based on information we have about your preferences.

  • A better Incom Leone experience for everyone anywhere

Since we have a wide selection of services and product offerings that are of interest to very different target audiences we need to understand who our customers are. We are committed to learning more about what you love so we can create even better services and products to better suit your needs.


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Limitation of liability

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What are cookies?

Cookies are a piece of data and information in text form stored on your computer that stores information about the user. Personally, identifiable information is not linked in any way to the usage of cookies on the Incom Leone website. If you disable the cookies we use, your experience while on the Incom Leone website may be impacted.

How do you use cookies?

Cookies are in use to make the experience of the Incom Leone website better so that we can tailor our products and services based on your needs. Cookies are also used for anonymous aggregated statistics, to understand aggregated anonymous behavior of users on the Incom Leone website.

What type of cookies do we use?

We use two kinds of cookies on Incom Leone’s website 1. Session cookies and 2. Persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary and remain on the device only when you are using the Incom Leone website. A persistent cookie stays on your device for a longer period until you delete it. The duration depends on the setup of particular cookies.

Are we using third-party cookies?

We do use some third-party cookies. The purpose of third-party cookies is to deliver data for the services of the third-party software provider. We are using the following third-party cookies: GoogleFacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and others.

How can cookies be deleted?

Almost all browsers are set up to automatically accept cookies. If you prefer you can change the setting so cookies are blocked or you are alerted when they are about to be sent to your device. To learn more about cookies please visit this page.

Your cookies setup

Deactivating cookies in your web browser:

Final decisions

All possible disputes that may arise are entities going to solve by agreement, if that is not going to be possible, the court in Ljubljana shall have exclusive jurisdiction with proceeding relating to this agreement.

These general terms take effect with the day of publication on the website The owner can change general terms whenever while keeping the intended change to the general conditions and will inform all members about significant changes at least 15 days before the change.

If you have any comments or questions regarding the Privacy Policy please contact us via email at