Leone history


With passion and enthusiasm to one of the biggest ice cream producers in the world

The year of big changes ...

… saw the creation of the World Wide Web, the first GPS satellite went into orbit, and in accordance with the revolutionary spirit of that time, Leone Incom got its start. The company was registered on 14th of September 1989, dedicated to exporting goods.

The start of ice cream dream

It was the year that Slovenia became an independent country and it was the year of first Incom Leone ice cream production. This moment in time our founder Andrej Slokar's dream - to create the best ice cream in the world - began to come true.

Welcome, Leone Ice Cream!

In 1993, Slovenia got its first Royal member - Leone Royal Ice Cream! The new Leone brand was quickly expanded with several ice cream product lines.

Starting the millennium with a bang

We started the 00’s by expanding our business and expanding our production and store facilities with more than 4000 square meters that could hold more than 2200 pallets of ice cream delights!

Guten Tag, Germany!

In the mid 2000s we got certified as IFS Global Food Standard ice cream producer. This certification enabled the expansion of our private labels to new markets, Germany first among them.

שלום, Israel!

There ain't no mountain high enough and ain’t no river wide enough, to keep us from getting our ice cream to you! That year marked our first overseas export to the country of Israel.

When in doubt, have an ice cream

In the year of financial crisis we were able to expand market demand for our ice cream labels. Thanks to staying cool, we, for the first time in companies history, marked revenue of over 10 million EUR.

Cheers, Great Britain!

“Leone, Leone! Wherefore art thou Leone?” By being certified with the BRC British Retail Consortium standard for food safety, we successfully entered a new market, Great Britain, the land of Shakespeare and the Beatles!

Xin Chào, Vietnam!

That year we scooted off to our new adventure and marked Vietnam, the vibrant land of motorbike cruisers and friendly-spirited people, as our first Asian market.

Sweet, sweeter, the sweetest

In the mid 2010s we invested over 7 million EUR to expand our production facilities with over 7000 square meters of space. Next to that we also expanded our storage facilities which could then hold 5800 extra pallets of sweet ice cream delights.

Sweeter got smarter

Several investments were made in our Technical and Developmental Center, creating new office space and expanding our production. Next to that, our frozen products shop was moved to our facility in Ajdovščina.

Hello, USA!

Just like Columbus, we set our sights on new markets in 2017 and set our sails for America! 2017 marked our first export to the USA and we have been spoiling the local taste buds with our delicious ice cream ever since then.

Truly sweet recognition

Our ice cream and the success of our company got recognized by the London Stock Exchange! We found ourselves on their annual list of top 1000 European companies to inspire.
2017 & 2018

The year ice cream became AL!VE

As ice cream producers we always keep our fingers on the pulse of all food trends. That is why we have launched AL!VE, an ice cream product line, which is dedicated to all fitness and health lovers.

Leone - ice cream that melts your worries away

Our own Leone ice cream got a makeover! 4 premium Leone tubs were newly created and quickly becoming favourites for many ice cream lovers. 2 of them are made in several delicious layers, marking a true innovation on the market.

Leone meets Willy Wonka

A little chocolate now and then is relished by the wisest men. A new chocolate factory was opened, marking Leone Incom expansion as a chocolate producer.

To boldly go where no man has ever gone before

Our goal of becoming one of the biggest ice cream producers on the market is just that much closer by expanding our storage facilities with space for 19000 new pallets! All while transitioning into a SMART FACTORY 5.0. Stay tuned, we can’t wait to show you what’s coming next!