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Your customer’s brain is hardwired to notice what’s different. We’re experts for innovative products that stand out. Your audience wants the magic, we create the unexpected with you and adopt the irresistible taste to different market needs. We promise authenticity.

Delight your senses with

innovative products

Leone Rose Cones

Street food inspired cones in the shapes of roses. First ones to be produced in mass production.

Leone tubs in layers

Adored by everyone who appreciates the interplay of layers of ice cream, different toppings and cracking chocolate.

Leone 3D ice cream sticks

A new dimension of enjoying licking ice cream sticks, in which we create a 3D effect with an embossed print of interesting patterns.

Leone licensed ice cream sticks with chocolate print details on the figurines

Flexible printing technology allows us to realize ice creams of attractive, stunning shapes.


We love ideas and make things happen. We are industry-known for business agility. Let us charm you with responsive product development, product line innovation, lead time from order to production and shipping. When you want it time and cost efficient, we are your go-to partner.


Only excellent is good enough for you. When it comes to quality, we don’t compromise. Following leading global measures such as IFS Global Food (high level) and BRC British Retail (A+ level) is our mantra. We are proud of industry awards that recognize our efforts: DLG Gold Awards by German Agricultural Society, British Frozen Food Federation Award for Innovation, just to name some of them.

Logistic expertise

As a successful business leader, you are acknowledged of the crucial importance of effectively organized logistics. Our fleet safely delivers our products all around the world. Located in the heart of Europe, we are close to ports and transport corridors and guarantee the shortest delivery times. Furthermore, as there’s always room for improvement, we are building a brand new storage hall 4.0.