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Meet our refreshing brands! They already found new homes in 32 countries around the world.

Ice cream that melts your problems away

Feeling stressed, sad or bored? It’s time to recapture one of the simple pleasures of your childhood when enjoying a sweet frozen dessert just felt so good. Our ice cream is loaded with everything you love: fruit pieces, caramel swirl, cookie dough, chocolate chips, and much more.

Good for you has never tasted better

Being fit rocks, but so does eating ice cream. Combining proteins and ice cream, we made it an easier choice. Hungry and looking for a mini meal? What about a healthy, delightful frozen snack that inspires ice cream lovers in more than 6000 stores in 11 countries and won several awards for innovation.

Ice cream in

shape of licensed characters


Your favourite characters as delicious ice cream

We admit, we love challenges: producing Yoda, Sponge Bob, Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, the Minions, just to name a few, as ice cream on a stick was not an easy task. They all soon became best-loved and best selling ice creams on sticks. Thanks to our industry tested know-how, we can develop and create a custom-made extruder to truly capture the shape of your beloved character.

Great taste at best price in all shapes and sizes

There’s something for everyone, from 3-packs to 10-packs, from 100 ml to 1000 ml tubs. Jamaica has it all, it comes in all tastes people around the globe love most, from vanilla to chocolate, from sorbet to cream. An ice cream that will never disappoint, a frozen dessert that will always make you feel better.