Leone Chocolate

Happiness never tasted so good

Enjoy in exploring the unknown chocolate pleasures.



Chocolate is nature’s way of making up for Mondays.

You too can make days sweeter by owning your very own, specially designed chocolate. Pick and choose among milk or vegan chocolate, dark or white chocolate. We can of course also take care of all gym lovers by offering them protein or vitamin chocolate. Click below and explore all production possibilities.

Your chocolate. Our passion.

Check what chocolate products we have to offer. We have a diverse range of thermostable and melting chocolate drops that you can use to create your chocolate products and desserts. You can expect new innovative chocolate products from us regularly. Visit our professional chocolate shop.



Paw Patrol Chocolate

Children love the Paw Patrol characters. We created Paw Patrol Chocolate figures because we wanted to delight children with their favorite cartoon figures and sweeten their moments at the same time. Paw Patrol chocolate figures are currently sold exclusively at Lidl.

Peppa Pig Chocolate

Peppa Pig is a worldwide phenomenon. The award-winning British cartoon is now airing in more than 180 countries worldwide. Offer this chocolate figures to children and delight the youth.