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Ice cream is passion! Your customer will not buy just another cone or ice lolly, that’s why Incom Leone doesn’t only produce the best ice creams and other frozen products but develop memorable, unexpectedly gorgeous tastes to fall in love with. Where creativity is at work, success is born.

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We understand you need something special. Your business is special, your customers deserve special care. Choose from more than 1000 different ice cream products and find your new perfect match. Enjoy the benefits of our fast reaction times and technical development.

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You have plans, we have the courage. When it comes to pleasing our clients, our team makes the magic: expect the unexpected, turn the impossible into reality. We master ice cream innovations and celebrate the creativity of shapes. Tell the world your story with outstanding frozen products. Be bold, be extraordinary.
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There’s no doubt: 15 production lines, the newest technology, a large development department, a super modern lab, a devoted team. Creating unique frozen and chocolate products has never been faster. You make an ice cream wish, we make it happen as quickly as possible.


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